Saturday, 15 August 2009

Threat of Peace, Issue #13

The silence before the storm continues for another week as last Friday BioWare posted the next issue of the Threat of Peace comic, as well as some fan Friday updates.

Here is the news post for the comic:
The thirteenth issue of Threat of Peace™ begins with Lieutenant Tavus deftly maneuvering his starship to destroy the Mandalorian Raiders and rescue Satele and SP-99. As Tavus, Satele, and Orgus discuss the attack on the Envoy and what to do next, a darker series of events unfolds on the Imperial Transport ship. Learning of the Bounty Hunter’s escape, Captain Sivill orders the Wookiee Mercenary Dalborra to execute Master Dar’Nala…

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.
The Fan Friday has some ASCII art, some fan-made icons, Star Wars radio drama, an official poll asking whether you would kill the captain or not (which is surprisingly even), and a bunch of new forum avatar icons.

These icons are interesting in that they should dispel any myth that the forum avatar icons in any way give indication of what classes/races one can play in the game since all six of them quite clearly will not be playable races or classes of any kind (though I'm sure someone, somewhere thinks that it is proof of mounts or whatever).

The icons show a Bormu (according to the filename, seems to be a new creature), an Acklay, a Wampa, a Tauntaun, a Nekghoul (which seems to be a new type of Rakghoul) and a Bull Reek.



With two of the creatures being from Hoth people are speculating that Hoth will be a planet players can visit (which would conflict with the speculation that Ilum will be a planet considering that two ice planets seems unlikely). Similarly the inclusion of the ghoul leads people to think that Taris will be included (which has been speculated before and would kind-of make sense). But honestly, I'm wondering if they can't just be nice Star Wars forum avatar icons that people can use, having no relation to what might or might not be in the game.

Anyway, next week is GamesCom and next Friday they've said to (probably) upload the gameplay video. There are also likely to be other reveals over the coming weeks.

Starting Wednesday I have my brother over to visit for a few days, so I can't promise anything, but I'll try to keep posting news as I come across it.

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