Thursday, 27 August 2009

GamesCom: Eurogamer SWTOR Hands-On

Eurogamer has a hands-on article detailing their experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic at GamesCom last week.

Here's an excerpt:
It turns out that a slightly pansy attitude has its advantages after all. By deciding to spare the captain, and going on to give him a little moral support and some emotional encouragement, I'm able to tap him as a resource. He's not captain for nothing after all, he's the most experienced and tactically talented person on board, with in-depth knowledge of this sort of engagement and the total respect of his crew.

Keeping him alive means that, after a hyperspace jump to within combat range of the Republic's battleship, a string of intelligent snap-decisions by him steer us out of much of the danger, avoiding a number of the boarding craft that the rebel scum fling our way and making my task of repelling the commandos who do come aboard much easier. Ghandi may well have been onto something, the sly dog. Whilst our decisions reward our gentle Sith with a few light-side points, very much in the vein of KOTOR, we're told that even the nicest of Sith cannot party with the most degenerate Jedi - Erickson uses the analogy of the good Nazi, whose ultimate conclusion would be the assassination of Hitler rather than defection. Interesting choice of scenarios, no? Watch your back, Emperor.
Despite some inaccuracies (the Sith Warrior is not the "Dark Side melee class", but the Empire melee class and the Empire isn't necessarily dark side) it is a nice read without much new information that I can see.

For me the nicest thing is seeing some of how the Light Side choices play out for the class (and a bit disheartening that it's "rendered in gritty Sith style", though I guess gritty isn't evil and good can be gritty too).

Will keep you updated as I come across more.

[link] to Eurogamer Hands-On article.

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