Tuesday, 18 August 2009

GamesCom: EA Press Conference

Currently the EA press conference is going on and I'm watching it live, and as I'm typing they're showing the Deceived trailer in German. But just before they announced a couple of things that I thought I'd echo here.

First they announced that they'll completely localize the game in both German and French. So all that English voiceover work will be done in German and French as well (and all text of course). Hence the German-voiced trailer.

Secondly they today have also launched the German and French community sites. I guess that explains why the official site was down most of the day.

And finally they're opening the gameplay demo to all attendees. Though they didn't specify if people got to play as well (they said "public demo", which doesn't have to mean that the public gets to play, just that the demo is shown publicly) that is at least exciting. We already know that they should have the gameplay video up this Friday for those of us who can't head to Cologne.

I'll keep you updated as I get more, but that's what came out of the press conference. Overall a lot less impressive than the E3 press conference, but nice to know for those who prefer to play in German or French.

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