Wednesday, 26 August 2009

GamesCom: Hands-on article at GamesRadar

GamesRadar has a hands-on article, describing their GamesCom experience with the game. There's not a lot (if any) new information in it, but it's nice to read the view of others who have played the game.

Here's an excerpt:
Story's all well and good, but how does it play? The answer is very well, right from the off. Your attacks are mapped to the number keys so, if you're playing as a Sith character (as we did), 1 is your standard lightsaber strike, 2 is a harder melee strike, 3 can be used to jump in from above or from a fair distance away, 4 impales your target, 5 hits many foes all around you and 6 is the famous Force Choke, which is time limited, but leaves your foe clutching at their throat, ready to be impaled.
Also remember that at the bottom of this post I've got a bunch more links to articles and previews and such coming out of GamesCom.

[link] to the GamesRadar article.

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