Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rumor: Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch in October 2010?

Alright, so I don't usually report on rumors. And as far as rumors go this is as typical as they come. But it deals with a subject we're all very curious about I'm sure (namely: when will SWTOR be released) and I've been considering starting a rumor label for these anyway. After all, as long as you keep in mind that it's just rumor and speculation and most likely completely false it can be fun to track them.

Anyway, it's been going the rounds a bit (like Massively, IGN and VG247, but French SWTOR fansite Starwars-Universe.com claims claims to have an inside source with LucasArts who, in turn, claims that the current target release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic is October 2010 (though for some reason some sites above report it as September).

Now, I don't speak a word of French (much to the chagrin of my mother who teaches the language), but as far as we can piece together from the google translation that's about what it says.

For those of you who can speak French though, here's the full text from Starwars-Universe.com:
Accrochez-vous jeunes gens, parce que c'est une exclu mondiale que nous vous offrons aujourd'hui : la date de sortie prévue à l'heure actuelle pour Star Wars : The Old Republic !

Une source en contact avec LucasArts et d'une fiabilité totale nous a affirmé que le jeu était pour l'instant prévu pour Octobre 2010. Il reste donc encore un peu plus d'un an à attendre pour profiter du jeu, nonobstant toute bêta fermée ou ouverte qui serait éventuellement prévue d'ici là, évidemment.

Trois remarques s'imposent :

- D'abord, je sais ce que c'est que d'être dans la position du lecteur et de se dire "mais c'est qui, cette source à la mords-moi-le-nœud ?" Et ça, évidemment, on ne peut pas vous le dire sous peine de la griller. Il va donc falloir nous croire sur parole !

- Ensuite, cette date est pleinement cohérente avec ce qui fut annoncé il y a un an (voir notre news). On est même en plein cœur de la période retenue.

- Enfin, souvenez-vous qu'on parle d'un jeu vidéo. Octobre 2010 est la date retenue à l'heure actuelle, mais des retards sont toujours possibles, d'autant qu'aucune annonce officielle n'a été faite. Vous voilà prévenus…
And as I'm sure the French site reminds readers as well, remember again that this is all pure speculation and very much subject to change. Until BioWare/LucasArts makes an official statement it is all rumor.

And though I was expecting that they might buck the trend and release in the Spring (cheaper advertising and less holiday-season competition) I guess that this is one title that might just be big enough to draw everyone's attention even during the usually overloaded Christmas shopping period.

We'll see I guess. But if they're right it means little over a year to wait (likely less for those privileged enough to help them test their beta). Maybe that'll actually give me some time to play Star Trek Online if that releases early enough.

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Anonymous said...

Rumors sometimes have a grain of truth. If it isn't Oct 2010, it will be around there, I bet it will be pushed back closer to Christmas is my bet.