Friday, 21 August 2009

Message From Beyond

Beyond the lifespan of certain parts of my computer that is.

Next to being in the middle of a visit fom my brother and his wife (staying over to come sightseeing London, which I think I've mentioned before but because of this I can't keep as close an eye on GamesCom as I'd like to) my computer also died on me yesterday. Seems both the harddisk and the power unit died (and hopefully that's it; I haven't got it up-and-running yet and typing this from a second, older system I managed to save). So it's a bit chaos over here.

But I'd like to thank Frank from Overly Positive for his message to me. He makes a lot of interesting points, some I agree with and some I don't, but instead of turning this into a blog back-and-forth I'll just keep to clarify something regarding my previous message.

I want to be clear that I am still going to keep running this blog as I have before and that I am still fully intending to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. After all, it's BioWare and they have yet to make a roleplaying game I didn't enjoy. This gives them a lot of leeway in my book and I'm certainly not just going to drop them over a single article online.

But the article did cool my enthusiasm for the game. Understand, it was the class I was most looking forward to play because I most enjoy the kind of complexity that comes with trying to be good while everyone expects you to be evil. And the way the class is described the game itself will simply make it impossible to do that. It is, for me, the first true hint that this game might not become the 'home' that I was hoping it to be (and hence my comment on looking for another game instead).

As it stands now I'll probably play a jedi, enjoy it about as much as KotOR (which didn't have that level of complexity either), maybe play one of the unannounced classes (still hopeful for a Leia-type, possibly pet, class) and then move on. Again.

But that's far in the future and more nebulous a speculation than trying to guess SWTOR's rlease date.

To get back to some actual SWTOR news... As I said I can't keep a very close eye on the GamesCom news. but I did find a tidbit or two (most of which I haven't read yet). I'll just be cheeky here though and copy community manager Erick Adams' post on the official forums which links to a number of articles:
Just to bring you up to speed on anything you may have missed, here’s a running list of some of the press coverage (aka “The Story So Far”):
Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the full Producer Walkthrough Video – almost 20 minutes of actual gameplay footage – and next week when we turn our full attention to Sith Warrior!
have fun reading and let me know if there's anything interesting in them (I'll read them when things return to normal here). :p

[EDIT 20090824] Edited in a few more links.
[EDIT2 20090824] BioWare doesn't list the hands-on impressions article at GameSpot yet.

[link] to Erick Adams' post.
[link] to GameSpot hands-on.

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