Friday, 25 September 2009

Threat of Peace, Issue #16

Just another three pages for the web comic this week. Here's the official news:
The sixteenth issue of Threat of Peace™ sees Braden’s vengeance achieved against the Republic Commander who wounded him on Dantooine. Meanwhile, even as Jedi Grand Master Zym visits the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to learn more about the attack on the Envoy, a bomb rips through the Senate Tower…

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.
The direct link to the latest comic pages still seems to be broken (unless it's something on my end), so you'll likely have to navigate to the last three pages manually.

Luckily next weeks is promised to be a bit more substantial. As Sean Dahlberg put it:
I’m mainly going to reiterate my post from last Friday. This week and last week are going to fairly light as we prepare for some upcoming announcements and reveals for next month (and throughout the rest of the year). We will be publishing Threat of Peace #16 this week. Next week’s posting we have something great lined up for you, though.

I do apologize for any agitation some of you may be experiencing because of this. While we know that some people may become upset over a delay, if something is not ready to be released, it's just not ready to be released. We would rather postpone something a few weeks rather than put it out when it's not ready. This includes having everything ready for our entire community so that those who read English, French, and German get their information at the same time.

Like I said, though, next week will be a good one. Also, convention season is now over, the Austin Game Developers’ Conference being the last. With that out of the way, we are ramping up our announcements and reveals.
I guess Sean doesn't count Eurogamer Expo as part of convention season (or they don't intend to show SWTOR at that expo, which is a shame since it's the only one I might be able to go to).

Can't wait to see what great things they've got lined up.

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