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PAX: More From PAX

PAX has about come to a close, but from the last there a number of things more have surfaced, most of it thanks to the people over at Darth Hater (who have been really excellent this PAX weekend).

First off they have an audio interview, including full transcript, with Dr. Greg Zeschuk. Here's an excerpt from the transcript:
Dr. Greg Zeschuk: I’m Greg Zeschuk from Bioware and I’m here to chat with you guys about… I think a variety of things today.

Pete: Absolutely, first off, tell us a little about your background.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: I’m originally a medical doctor, like my other partner of Bioware, Dr. Ray Muzyka, and both of us started Bioware more than 15 years ago now. We’ve made a lot of games.

Pete: I’ve played every one.

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: Yea, a lot of familiar names, you can go search on the internet and find out. Now I’m actually part of the MMORPG group now, I’m actually the group creative officer, and Ray’s the group’s general manager. We worked on Bioware’s stuff and also helped out with Mythic. A lot of exciting things going on.
Direct link to interview with Dr. Greg Zeschuk.

Secondly they have some gameplay footage of the Trooper, though this is available in several places and I think the off screen footage at Kotaku is probably better quality.

And they also have some footage of the Sith Warrior:

They showed a bit more during the demo though (most of it already shown in the gameplay walkthrough video that they showed before), though for the Flashpoint they picked the option to let the captain live this time and there's a few other differences. The best version I've seen so far (in fact, the only version I've seen so far) is the footage AncientAngel found on YouTube, though unfortunately the filmer's camera ran out of steam before the end of the demo so it ends abruptly. Here's the videos (minus the Sith Warrior one which is already above):


Female Bounty Hunter:

Flashpoint Dialog:

Flashpoint Gameplay (ends abruptly):

Next up Darth Hater has a quick interview with Tim Temmerman and Jake Neri.
We had the chance to get a quick interview with Tim Temmerman and Jake Neri of LucasArts to discuss the Republic Trooper gameplay that was shown in the second demonstration. This the audio version of the interview and as stated before the video versions of all of our interviews will be up after PAX so look forward to that later on. Thank you again to Tim Temmerman and Jake Neri of LucasArts for the interview. For now we hope you enjoy the audio form of this interview.
Direct link to interview with Tim Temmerman and Jake Neri.

And finally there's the third Q&A session. Unfortunately they had some major issues during it. It seems that PAX's Internet connection couldn't handle it and thus the connection to the feed was lost quite frequently for quite some time. As such a fair bit of the Q&A is missing. And they had trouble with the audio capture as well, so there won't be an audio file of it either. Which is a shame, as they seemed to cut out just as some interesting questions were asked. Anyway, since there isn't really that much interesting there I'm not embedding the videos; find them at the link above.

Only thing that concerns me, a lot, is how they answered the question about the Sith Warrior taking light side choices. From what they're saying you won't actually play a light side Sith and will always play a dark side one (just one that sometimes makes less evil choices). In fact, with the comparison they're drawing this shows it even more. "And Darth Vader would do that because...?" That's the point; he wouldn't, because Darth Vader wouldnt' make the light side choices. But if you don't offer them and actually have them have an effect, then your supposed 'alignment' system is an utter joke. I mean, in KotOR when you took the dark side choices you were, pretty much, playing Darth Vader. But since they're splitting it between two classes now what's the point of making alignment choices if in the end you're not actually going to be as good as the best of the Jedi?

Anyway, sorry for that rant. But was just a very disappointing end to the PAX weekend. Maybe I just need some sleep.

[link] to the interview with Dr. Greg Zeschuk.
[link] to Kotaku's videos.
[link] to AncientAngel's videos (note: the full demo videos are better quality of the same).
[link] to interview with Tim Temmerman and Jake Neri.
[link] to the day 3 Q&A.

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BakaMatt said...


Would it be possible to add a blog entry detailing a sort of personal "wish list" you would have for the Sith Warrior class?

I know that is a bit off-center for the blog, but there have been numerous entries where you have expressed worry that the eventual game will not allow the type of character you want to play, and a clearer understanding of what you are aiming at would be most helpful.

I'm personally finding it hard to conceptualize your exact viewpoint. This could be attributed to the impressions I get when I think of "Jedi" and "Sith". The two are force-users with polarized views. It's hard to imagine a character who channels the dark side of the force continually for good purposes - it's a corrupting energy that feeds upon and taps anger, fear, and aggression. As hard as I try, when I picture a good-aligned Sith, my thoughts always turn to the Jedi, their opposite number. By that same token, I cannot visualize a Jedi who continually makes immoral choices - he would be a fallen Jedi, or in other terms, a Sith.

Were you perhaps working from a fall-to-redemption story whereupon your Sith character "crossed over" to the other faction?

That may be the wrench in the gears. I suppose the limitations are in place from the get-go when BioWare decided on "factions". I was originally stoked with the concept of being a fringe sort of bounty hunter, unrooted when it comes to Empire or Republic. I'm still finding their grouping under the Empire hard to completely swallow. I can see where they could work in the occassional "risky" odd job under the table for the Republic, but I still get the sense that they're overall working a fixed employment. The flip side is true for the smuggler - why are they given a faction when they really should be neutral fringe working whatever side is more profitable at any given time?