Saturday, 5 September 2009

PAX: Darth Hater Audio Interviews

Over at Darth hater they've got a couple of audio files up, an interview and a Q&A session, recorded at PAX (which started today).

Here's their text on the interview:
We had the chance to sit down talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic with Sean Dahlberg of the Bioware team. The video version of this interview will be up later today. We had to delay the video and text versions of this interview due to bandwidth issues at PAX. Audio Quality is a bit dodgy at times but overall it went well. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Direct link to the interview with Sean Dahlberg.

And here's their post on the Q&A session:
We just got out of the day 1 developer Q&A session that Bioware held and it was AWESOME! We asked if we could get confirmation on two force using classes per faction and you could speculate on whether or not they did (not clear from the audio). The audio of the entire Q&A is below. Enjoy .

Note: First 2 seconds is really loud, try to have your volume low for that portion.
Direct link to the day 1 Q&A session.

I must admit I had some trouble keeping my mind on the audio and I'm sure I've missed a number of things. But I did notice that they seem set on having multiple servers. Which, after Champions Online's single server, is a huge disappointment. Feels like a huge step back.

For the rest though I got the impression that they were decent audio files.

Oh, and according to Darth Hater Sean Dahlberg made a couple of comments on the release date (or rather when it's not going to be) and on testing. Here's the text from their site:
After the interview was recorded Sean was able to confirm that “the game won’t be out this year” and “hopes to do testing soon”. No real solid date but at least we have a confirmation that the game will not be out this year as many have speculated. The beta comment is also rather vague on whether this is SoonTM or soon. Unfortunately we were not able to record this portion otherwise it would have been up in audio form.
Interesting, but not really anything I didn't expect already anyway.

[EDIT 20090906] Added direct links to the audio interviews.

[link] to interview with Sean Dahlberg.
[link] to day 1 Q&A.
[link] to Sean's additional hints.

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