Saturday, 12 September 2009

Discover Coruscant, Capital of the Republic

Already revealed at PAX last weekend, the planet of Coruscant has now been officially added to the holonet. And, as expected, BioWare also made the reveal video available in high definition as well as a couple of screenshots and concept art images. And I must say, it's looking very impressive.

Here's the official news:
Coruscant. A symbol of power, prosperity, and innovation for civilization. The capital of the Republic serves as a hub of cultural influence and home to hundreds of alien species and from across the galaxy. Still recovering from the Sith attack during the Sacking of Coruscant, the planet has set out to rebuild what they have lost. Though the pristine skyline continues to grow, the lower level districts of Coruscant have developed troubles of their own.

Access the HoloNet to learn more about the history of Coruscant and the struggles facing the citizens as they rebuild the planet after the attack.

This year at the Penny Arcade Expo, attendees were treated to a special sneak-peek of the Republic capital world of Coruscant! For anyone who was unable to attend, or anyone who would like to relive the video in higher quality, we invite you to check it out!
Though the expected next part of the online comic is absent, all is forgiven considering how good Coruscant looks. Very impressive work on the part of the environment artists.

[UPDATE] Sean made a post on the forums giving some insight into when the next issue of the comic might appear:
Yes, we have two different options: (a) release it on Monday if all goes well or (b) release it next Friday with the other update. Either way, we will be releasing Threat of Peace #16 on Sep 25th and getting back to the regular schedule for it.
So there you go; should have the comic sometime next week, but it's only this issue that's (planned to be) off-schedule.

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