Tuesday, 8 September 2009

GameIndustry.biz Interviews LucasArts President Darrell Rodriguez

GamesIndustry.biz has an interview up with LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez. Here's an excerpt:
Q: And when you're making a decision about who to work with on something like that, obviously BioWare has a great track record - but were there any other contenders? There's already a Star Wars MMO out there, after all, so why now?

Darrell Rodriguez: Why not now?

Q: Some people might say that one reason might be World of Warcraft...

Darrell Rodriguez: Yeah, that's interesting, and kudos to World of Warcraft and the folks there, it is a phenomenal offering. But we've got a very strong IP, Galaxies is a great IP as well, and why not now, related to people's desire to see more Star Wars?

It continues - Clone Wars is an expansion of the universe there - and BioWare proved that they were good shepherds of the IP with KOTOR. So we decided to partner with them because of that, and also their passion for it.

Q: When you look at a timescale for the life of a product... Star Wars Galaxies has been going for about seven years now, and there are still updates begin added -

Darrell Rodriguez: And we're continuing on.
He also talks briefly about possible subscription models and it might seem that they might use a number of different models (and they might), remember that he does not seem to be talking specifically about SWTOR anymore, and more about the IP in general. After all, remember that rumor of a FreeRealms-based Star Wars MMO? Additionally he's talking about Asia and it's quite possible (if not likely) that they'll just have different business models in different countries.

So while I personally would be quite happy with micro-transactions and such, those of you who are not don't have to panic just yet.

Oh, I'm also going to try something new. Inspired by Darth Hater I'll start adding the actual links (again) at the bottom of the post so that they're easy to find.

[link] to the interview with Darrell Rodriguez.
[link] to GamesIndustry.biz's interpretation on some of his answers.

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