Thursday, 30 July 2009

Quiet Before the SWTORm

Ok, silly title. :p

Through the official forums Sean Dahlberg has let known that in the coming weeks, leading up to GamesCom, official news around SWTOR will quiet down a bit. As he put it:
Speaking of GamesCom and PAX, I wanted to go ahead and let all of you know things may be a little quiet around here for the next few weeks. For example, this week's update with be Threat of Peace #12.

After we get through these next few weeks, we have a lot of content in store for all of you. Our updates at the convention (and after them) will also include updates to the website for those of you who can't join us there. And yes, there will be some new reveals as well as the Gameplay Demo Walkthrough video.
GamesCom starts the 19th of August, so the next three Fridays (four if you count the previous one as well, which was rather slow too) there likely won't be a lot of interesting news coming. This Friday another issue of the comic and I expect pretty much the same on the 14th. And on the 7th there might either be nothing, a Fan Friday or something along those lines. But we'll see.

But such patience should be rewarded with new reveals and a gameplay video (as well as other things I'm sure) around and after the convention.

Leading up to such a big convention (I think it's the second biggest after E3) I don't expect a lot of news from other games sites before GamesCom either. So it looks like it'll be a couple of quiet weeks. Of course I'll continue to report anything interesting that I come across.

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Frank said...

Ouch! I felt that pun from here.

Yes, the reveal about an actual gameplay demo is something I've written about, so it's nice to have our expectations set for the next few weeks.