Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Eurogamer Interviews Dr Greg Zeschuk

Eurogamer has an interview up with BioWare's Dr Greg Zeschuk. It is mostly about Dragon Age: Origins (which is good too) with some general BioWare philosophy thrown in. But they also talk briefly about the 'merger' with Mythic where Greg had this to say on how that relates to Star Wars: The Old Republic:
Eurogamer: Will you be using Mythic's experience with MMOs on Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Dr Greg Zeschuk: Oh yeah, without a doubt.
Though that seemed obvious, it's still nice to know. It is, after all, a good thing that SWTOR gets to use the wealth of experience that the Mythic guys have with building and running an MMO.

For the rest it's a nice article as well, particularly if you're interested in Dragon Age or just in general are interested in BioWare's design philosophies (which would also apply to SWTOR).

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