Tuesday, 7 July 2009

MMOZine Article and Interview

The free, downloadable magazine MMOZine has just released issue 13. And that issue includes both a preview and an interview. Here's an excerpt:
But surely you're not the first developer to have a story in an MMO game?

Obviously there has been story in MMOs and I don't want to say there hasn't, but nobody has actually made it a focus of their game. So when BioWare got together with LucasArts and said "What are we going to do here with the Old Republic? What are we going to do to the MMO space that's different, that's going to be challenging, that's going to be interesting and that's actually going to bring something new to MMOs?" Is was fairly obvious.
Altogether there's not much, or anything, new in there though. It's mostly the same stuff from last E3 again and again a reiteration that SWTOR is a story-focused MMO (as you can see from the quote).

The magazine requires Adobe Acrobat to read and does some fairly horrible things to take over control of your reader while you're reading it (trying to force itself fullscreen, disabling copy-paste, constantly trying to contact its website, etc). But I guess some of that is to prevent content theft and some of it to try and give readers a nice experience.

Can, in all honesty, be skipped.

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