Thursday, 16 July 2009

IGN taking questions for SWTOR

It seems that IGN is talking to BioWare next week about Star Wars: The Old Republic and right now they're taking user questions to field to the developers.

Here's their news:
Got a Question for The Old Republic?
We're talking to the devs next week, and we're offering them your questions.

US, July 15, 2009 - Do Jedi Knights dream of electric sheep? What do Sith Lords like to do in their off time? Do you have a question about Star Wars: The Old Republic? The sci-fi MMORPG knocked our socks off at E3 last month, and now you have a chance to ask the developers themselves about the game.

LucasArts is holding a panel about The Old Republic at Comic-Con, with developers from both BioWare and LucasArts present to answer questions. But since many people can't be in San Diego next week we've set it up with LucasArts where we'll have a virtual panel of sorts. We'll take the best questions from our readers and ask them directly to the panelists next week, and then we'll post the answers on Friday, July 24.

So submit a question to the comments field below, and you may get it answered next week!
Of course there's already a load of questions, but if you've got one that you're dying to get answered (and which has a good chance of getting an answer instead of just "we're not talking about that yet") then it can't hurt to add it to the list.

Since I'll be away next weekend (and thus can't directly report on ComicCon either) I'll post a link to the answered questions when I get back.

Speaking of ComicCon, according to Kotaku LucasArts is set to make "several world exclusive announcements" during their Star Wars keynote press event. Here's Kotaku's news:
Who's hyping its Comic-Con showing now? LucasArts! The publisher of all things Star Wars and Indiana Jones is bringing with it games, creative types and "several world exclusive announcements" to make your visit to the convention worthwhile.

Two games promised to be on hand at LucasArts booth are Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, with members of the dev team milling about to field your questions.

LucasArts will also be making a Big Deal out of Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a "making of" panel next Friday and trailer showings at its booth through out the weekend.

Most enticing, however, are the announcements that LucasArts is hyping. They'll be making those announcements at the Star Wars Spectacular keynote on Friday, leading us to believe they'll be Star Wars related. Yes, it's a wild hunch, but something just feels right about that.
Though note that, while this event will include Star Wars: The Old Republic as well, it is a general Star Wars event and the announcements could have nothing to do with BioWare's MMO. They might, for instance, announce that Yoda will make an appearance in the live action Star Wars television series that's in development (don't know if he does, but it would be a world exclusive announcement I think).

And again, any such announcements, if they are relevant to SWTOR, I'll report on when I get back from my brief vacation next week.

[EDIT 20090718]

Someone pointed out the Comic-Con 2009 Schedule. There's a lot there, a lot of different things there, including a lot of Star Wars that isn't The Old Republic. But then there is this on Friday:
1:00-2:00 Star Wars Day: Behind the Scenes: The Making of Star Wars: The Old Republic Jake Neri (producer, LucasArts) speaks with Hall Hood (senior writer, BioWare), Alexander Freed (managing editor, BioWare), Dallas Dickinson (senior content producer, BioWare), and Jeff Dobson (art director, BioWare), about the making of the new massively multiplayer online role-playing PC game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Join the team to get new behind-the-scenes information about the game!
Would be very nice if they (or someone) recorded that session and made the video available. Would love to see that session.

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