Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Great Holocron

Hmm, something interesting seems to be going on.

About a month ago a user named "TheGreatHolocron" posted a thread title "The Great Holocron" over on the BioWare forums. Within the message was hidden the message "this is not a game".

Then about a week ago another message in the thread linking to four sites:
The homepage seems to be a field asking for an email address and it seems that BioWare started following the Twitter page at least.

But things really got interesting yesterday. First the following wanted poster was posted:

The poster contains text in Aurebesh, Star Wars' alphabet, which users quickly translated to the following:
The Great Holocron

The experience begins
august 24th, 2009
But even more interesting is that users started receiving the following transmission. Unfortunately I'm having some trouble getting it through my secure network (must be some browser settings), but luckily it has also been placed on a public network:

It looks like someone, apparently a Jedi named Jole Somaac, in some kind of forest. From the transmission he's trying to send he seems to be in possession of this great holocron. Whatever that is.

More discussion on these events and what it all means, people trying to puzzle out the clues, is being done on the The Great Holocron forums. And it seems that factions are already being formed. The question that remains is: who will get their hands on this holocron first? The Republic or the Empire?

Looking quite interesting indeed.

[UPDATE] It seems that the project was canceled; no activity for month and the site down. So I've changed the labels for this post. Pity; could've beens something special.


Frank said...

Viral marketing at its best. Using the forums and social networking sites to do it is great, though.

dotnotfeather said...

I am actually pretty excited about this game. This sort of advertising should be a lot of fun for everyone. I look forward to its release.

I have been building a fan site to host news feeds and podcast broadcasts for this game over at War Underground. I will be posting your site on the reader. Message me from the site if you think there are sites out there I missed.

Xerb - warunderground dot com