Tuesday, 7 July 2009

PC Gamer UK Article at GamesRadar

As I noted a couple of days ago PC Gamer UK has an article on Star Wars: The Old Republic. And, just as article writer Tim Edwards told me there would be, Games Radar (the online arm of PC Gamer) have now put the article online for everyone to read.

Here's an excerpt:
Even at this early stage, The Old Republic is as polished, as playable and as slick as... that other major MMO. Why? How? Because BioWare Austin, the studio responsible, have paid attention to the details from the very start. And their ambition seems limitless. They want to make an MMORPG that encapsulates the essence of their single-player games: a true online sequel to classics like Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur’s Gate. They want to make a game with proficient, modern production values, fully voiced cutscenes and multi-threaded conversations. They want to reduce the grind – removing the tedious fetch 10 and kill 20 quests that plague the genre – and tie everything into their story. They want to introduce genuine consequence, giving parties of players the kind of moral choices their single-player games have become famous for. Except that in this world, there are no save games, no chances to go back and see what might have happened.
If you don't have the magazine then I can recommend reading the online article as it's a good read. For some of my thoughts on it, see the blog post linked above.

[link] to the GamesRadar/PC Gamer article.

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