Thursday, 2 April 2009

gamesTM confirms Smuggler

According to the German games magazine gamesTM seems to suggest that smuggler has been confirmed by the developers. Here's the English text swtor-station posted:
We've made a great discovery at our local magazine shop today. The current issue of gamesTM offers a four-page exlusive report on Star Wars: The Old Republic. So far not very remarkable, but the article contains some interesting statements, which should have been made by a leading BioWare developer. One of them confirms Smuggler as playable class!

We don't want to spread rumours without a basis, so here's the (translated) quote of BioWare's Creative Director James Ohlen as printed in gamesTM:
"... We want to change that with Old Republic and enable the player to take more choices. If you want to muddle through the game like Han Solo as smuggler or like Boba Fett as bounty hunter, you're free to do so."
This confirms what many assumed and hoped: There will be a smuggler class. If we believe this report it will only be a matter of time until the Smuggler is officially announced.

Another interesting quote by James Ohlen deals with the topic of "Good vs. Evil".
"Of course choices will have an impact, which will be most notable when looking at abilities like strength and stamina. Acquiring specific items and gaining further knowledge is also influenced by them. And of course the character's looks are determined by choices too: Your skin and your aura shall clearly depict the way you play. Even if you're not a Jedi or Sith, but choose one of the many other classes."
In addition, the nice article also features a new artwork of a female Jedi, which we scanned for you (right picture).
Not quite world-shattering perhaps (as we pretty much already knew the class was going to be in), but news nonetheless.

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