Friday, 3 April 2009

BioWare Blog: Creating the Bounty Hunter

Ah, good ol' Friday again. Not only the start of the weekend, but also another update from BioWare on their game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

After the very rich updates of the last few weeks they're taking it a bit slower this time with a BioWare blog entry detailing some of the choices behind the Bounty Hunter.

Here's an excerpt:
So what defines the Star Wars Bounty Hunter? Well, they work for the bad guys, but they’re not necessarily bad guys themselves. You get the distinct feeling they’re doing a job. Are some of them cruel lowlifes who enjoy hurting people? Sure, probably. Some of them are also remnants of warrior cultures who no longer have a place to practice their ancient arts, thrill-seekers out for the galaxy’s next challenge or just people with a knack for weaponry trying to make the most out of the gifts they were given in life. Whatever their story, they specialize in the hunt, the small scale assault, the personal touch. You don’t call the Bounty Hunter when you need to take out an army; you call the Bounty Hunter when there is a very particular person whose death or capture could mean the difference between large scale victory and defeat.
The blog answers a few things that some members of the community (on the official forums at least) have been questioning. Despite the Bounty Hunter class page very obviously placing the class in the Empire, people still questioned it. The blog not only answers that once and for all (Bounty Hunters are Empire only, for now at least) but also explains why.

Then it answers the question of whether this means that the Bounty Hunter has to be evil (seems people still don't get that "Empire" doesn't mean "evil") with some clear examples of how your morality is left up to you. And it answers whether you're playing a Mandelorian or not (you're not, but it looks likely that you might have the chance to become one over the course of the Bounty Hunter storyline; BioWare isn't likely to spill those story beans anytime soon).

It does still leave a few questions open, like whether there will be player bounties or not (I'm personally hoping not as I'm hoping that the game will not have that level of focus on PvP and I certainly don't want to be forced into PvP because some idiot decides to put a bounty on me for whatever reason). It seems to me that the blog makes it clear that you'll be a bounty hunter because of the things you do in the story (hence, no need for player bounties to make one feel like a bounty hunter), but I'm sure others won't see it that way. Ah well.

Overall it's a nice update. Not as nice as the last few, but that was to be expected. Definitely worth a read.

Oh, and here's a link to those Morgukai he mentioned in case you're wondering what those are.

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