Saturday, 25 April 2009

BioWare Blog: Creating Ord Mantell

Friday again and after having skipped last week BioWare is back on track. Though not quite as exciting as some might have expected (to make up for missing last week), it's decent after all.

First there's another three pages for the Threat of Peace comic, showing a new location (Dantooine, which might or might not be in the game) and some new characters. Here's the announcement:
The fifth issue of Threat of Peace™ takes us to the Outer Rim just after the Treaty of Coruscant has been signed. The maverick bounty hunter Braden prepares to capture a high-profile target on Dantooine even as the transmission ordering a comprehensive Republic withdrawal arrives. Though not the only one who hesitates to comply with the treaty, Braden sets himself on a dangerous path because of the way he reacts to the orders from the Republic commander who hired him.

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.
Next to the comic they've also posted another BioWare Blog, this time talking about the creation of Ord Mantell. Here's an excerpt:
Once we’d settled on our vision for Ord Mantell, it was time to flesh out the world. We brainstormed people and places we’d like to see, stories we’d like to explore and choices we’d like to make on the planet. These brainstorm sessions happen with all our worlds, and they tend to be good indicators of whether the world’s backstory has enough meat to it. If the writers can’t get excited about writing it, then the Players certainly aren’t going to get excited about playing it.

Ord Mantell was rife with compelling ideas: a Republic military at the point of exhaustion, just ready to be done with the war; underhanded crime lords attempting to make a quick credit selling weapons and hoarding the all-too rare, all-too precious supplies; refugees driven from their homes and hoping desperately to catch one of the infrequent shuttles off the planet; local governments trying to stay in power and maintain some peace; corrupt officers, sleazy pirates, zealous separatists—the list goes on and on.
Sounds like an interesting planet to visit (much more so than Nal Hutta, in my personal opinion). Head over to the article to read the rest of it.

On an unrelated note; I'm also going to retroactively change the post tags so that the posts relating to the BioWare blog use the "blog" tag instead of the "links" tag.

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