Saturday, 11 April 2009

Discover Ord Mantell

Friday again, and a Good Friday at that, as we've got another BioWare update on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

First of all is issue #4 of the Threat of Peace comic. Here's the official news post:
The fourth issue of Threat of Peace™ reveals the Sith Empire’s true motivation in the attack on Coruscant. Even as Master Orgus and Lieutenant Tavus realize there’s no hope of repelling the assault against the Republic’s capital planet, Lord Baras lays out the Empire’s terms for the agreement that will become known as the Treaty of Coruscant.

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now!
Seems that things aren't going well for the Republic.

Next up, and likely a bit more exciting, is that they've revealed the next planet: Ord Mantell. Here's the official news post:
Get to know Ord Mantell, the latest planet revealed in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Plagued with civil war between the Republic military and Separatist guerillas, Ord Mantell is a hazardous planet with a story riddled with battle and political conflict.

Read more about the history of Ord Mantell and how the former home to an advanced military depot and popular spaceport base turned to a breeding ground for rebellion.

Make sure to check out concept art and screenshots from the game depicting Ord Mantell’s war-torn scenery.

And don’t forget to outfit your desktop with a new downloadable Ord Mantell themed wallpaper!

As the post notes there's four new screenshots, four new concept art images and a new wallpaper, all of them embedded below. But before pasting them, what I think is particularly interesting with these images is when you hold some of the concept art images next to the screenshots as you can see how very similar they look. Good job, BioWare.


Republic Military Base

Seperatist Stronghold

Seperatist Landing Platform

Republic Military Base

Concept Art

Republic Military Base

Seperatist Stronghold

Cliffside Docking Bay

Network Operations Center


Ord Mantell

Phew, that's done. And I think that this post has more labels than any to date.

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