Monday, 13 April 2009

Clone Wars: Diathim

For a while now I've set my heart on playing a force-sensitive twi'lek, once Star Wars: The Old Republic is released. But thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon (that I just watched another episode of) I think I might change my mind on that. One thing I'd like even more would be to play a Diathim. Maybe as a force users or, if BioWare includes some kind of Republic Senator class, as one of those.

So yeah, I'd like to play an angel. So sue me.

Of course, the chance that they'll actually include the alien species at all (let alone as a player species) is quite small. They're a very minor species that only appeared once (in the cartoons) and for the rest is only mentioned a couple of times. But one can dream, right?

I'd still be very happy to play a twi'lek.

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