Sunday, 28 June 2009

Star Wars Galaxies is Six

"Before there was Star Wars: The Old Republic or even World of Warcraft, there was Star Wars Galaxies."

Though I think most people would put Everquest or Ultima Online in that last spot, this is about that other Star Wars MMO. Because apparently Star Wars Galaxies turned six last Friday. And for the occasion Massively has an interview with lead producer Chris Field, talking about SWG's past and future. Here's an excerpt:
How long will SOE continue to support SWG?

SOE and LucasArts have continually pledged our commitment to SWG. Our two big announcements for the year coming at SOE Fan Faire will further reinforce our commitment to SWG going forward.

I have to ask, what do you think BioWare's The Old Republic means for SWG? Is there room for two Star Wars MMOs?

Questions regarding The Old Republic should be directed to our partner, LucasArts.
It's interesting, because it almost seems like these two answers are contradictory. To begin with he's actually wrong; he wasn't asked about The Old Republic directly, but what effect they feel it will have on Star Wars Galaxies. And thus, not even wanting to comment, just gives me a vibe that he feels in his bones that Star Wars Galaxies is on its last legs, otherwise I would have expected something like "there is room for two Star Wars games", maybe with some "they're two very separate games with a different target audience" or whatever.

And it's not unheard of that a game would even add new content while they know it's going to be canceled; I'm fairly certain Tabula Rasa did something like that. Not that I really expect that in Star Wars Galaxies' case; I would expect Star Wars Galaxies to continue for another year or two after The Old Republic launches, during which time I expect it to slowly bleed dry as most people looking for a Star Wars MMO are much more likely to look at the new kid on the block.

But as long as there are still people paying for it...

Anyway, normally I wouldn't really report on Star Wars Galaxies, but I thought with it being around for six years and with people obviously wondering whether LucasArts will drop Star Wars Galaxies in favor of The Old Republic that this might be a decent read.


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