Thursday, 4 June 2009

Death of Two Davids

Among all the glitz and excitement of E3 I regret having to report the, unrelated, deaths of two of my heroes. Or, at least, two persons I quite admired.

First is actor David Carradine, who apparently died through suicide by hanging in his Bangkok hotel The Escapist reports. He is best known for his role leading role in the Western series Kung Fu. And, more recenty, for playing Bill in Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill. Though I don't know the man himself, when seeing him act he always came across as a very charismatic man to me and I am saddened that he seemed to have found no other way out of whatever troubled him beyond taking his own life.

The second is, to me, an even bigger blow as the writer David Eddings has passed away as well, The Escapist reports. Best know for his fantasy novels The Belgariad and The Malloreon, I greatly enjoyed his books when I was young. In fact, I can honestly say that it is because of him (as well as Tolkien and Terry Pratchett) that I am such a fan of fantasy writing, buying all his books as soon as they were available and reading them voraciously. I think I have more of his books than any other author and he had a major impact on my life. That he is now gone from us is, I feel, a great loss to the world.

A sad day.

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Frank said...

I was pretty sad to hear this news today too. David Carradine was a really talented individual, and the Belgarion/Malloreon were a great, classic series.

By the way, I'd love to trade blogroll links with you - I have a general blog on geek media including SW:TOR. Let me know - is my URL.