Saturday, 13 June 2009

Smuggler Class Reveal

The Smuggler shipment has arrived!

We knew that it was coming, but even so it is nice that now it is here: the official reveal of the Smuggler class. The official news post has this to say:
Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ reveals the next playable class, the street savvy, credit seeking Smuggler.

Making a profit from the desperate needs of a war-torn galaxy is how the Smuggler earns his credits. Transporting contraband, stolen goods, and highly sought-after fugitives through treacherous trade routes is in high demand, and more and more Smugglers are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Any self-respecting Smuggler must be able to shoot or charm his way out of the most complex predicaments. They must be incredibly quick-witted, able to bargain with the underbelly of society, and most importantly, they must be able to deliver… their lives depend on it.

Find out more about the Smuggler and download the latest Smuggler wallpapers.
Quite nice. Stealth, trickery, cover, crack shot, lots of luck, flying by the seat of their pants; it's all there. And of the ability videos I particularly like the middle one of the smuggler quickly rolling into cover and shooting from behind it. Almost enough to make me reconsider wanting to play the class (maybe it'll be an alt somewhere down the line, but at the moment I doubt it).

Still, I really, really wish that the character models didn't look so horribly badly proportioned as it makes them look utterly ridiculous. With the Trooper and Bounty Hunter it isn't so bad in their heavy armor, but with the smuggler it is particularly noticeable. I can't get over it and I can't understand why their art department would make such a horrendous choice.

Ah well, ignoring that (hard as it is) and forgetting that we pretty much already knew everything, it's a nice update. Though it seems they'll do the E3 update next week then.

[UPDATE 20090613] Seems that they added Smuggler wallpapers to the official update:

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