Monday, 8 June 2009

Intelligence Agency Class Hinted?

E3 is over, but that doesn't mean that the articles coming out of E3 have dried up just yet. Over the coming week there'll probably be more articles popping up left and right. Particularly from less known sites.

One such is a video interview at Here's an excerpt from the lead-up text:
We had the opportunity to go behind closed doors off the show floor to get a private gameplay demonstration that had us looking at each other in amazement. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to record what we saw but it's this gaming enthusiasts opinion that if Star Wars: The Old Republic plays similar to what we were shown at release -- naysayers are in for a big surprise and fans of BioWare, KOTOR and brilliantly developed MMORPG are in for a special treat.
it's a nice interview; I particularly like the start where they talk about each class having its own story (again), emphasizing how more unique they can make it because of the story being class specific so that they don't have to make a generic story that works for all classes. And later they talk about how it might be unique stories, but they still cross paths and have parts together as well for the larger story.

But interesting is that they mention the Intelligence Agency for the first time, as being responsible for acquiring that Republic ship that the Sith crash into the temple with. They also mention realizing that the entire security grid is in that temple (and that too sounds like something the Intelligence Agency would figure out) and since we've first seen the video people have been wondering what the twi'lek is. Some think she's a companion for the Sith, others (like myself) think that she hints at the third Sith class. And for a long time we've been speculating that it'll be a 'Spy' or 'Intelligence Agent' or such. So anyone else get the feeling that a lot of things are suddenly getting together here?

Of course, it could be nothing. But I found it... notable.

Other things of note are that in post like this one Sean Dahlberg has been confirming the number of voices (pretty much):
One thing I'd like to clarify is that each class will have it's own unique male and female voice.
So not "voices", but the singular "voice". So basically there'll be no choice of voice (just of class and gender) where each class has a unique voice (both for male and female).

That is... somewhat disappointing as it would mean that if you get three male Sith together then they'll all sound the same. Which would shatter the illusion. So either you can't get multiple of the same class together in the story parts (which I doubt) or hopefully they will have some sort of voice morphing to make each voice distinct anyway. We'll have to see.

Another nice tidbit, at least something I hadn't noticed before, is that on each planet's page in the Holonet there's a little icon looking like a mountain and clicking on that gives a short fly-by movie for the planet. Nice, never noticed that before.

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