Thursday, 14 May 2009

User Activities Can Change The SW:TOR World

It's just a little blurb, but based on what they mean exactly the potential consequences could be quite intriguing.

Gamasutra posted a brief article about a talk the BioWare Bosses held at GDC Canada regarding The Future of Storytelling. In it is the following one sentence about Star Wars: The Old Republic:
For the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, "Manipulation of world server data based on a broad range of user activities can actually change the game world."
This could mean nothing, it could just be that "if we find that people prefer doing quests involving wookiees then we'll add more quests involving wookiees in a future update". And it could just be the general "your realm has to gather ten-million rancor teeth for the gate to open". But if could also mean that people, altogether, can dynamically change the world around them.

If nothing else that leads to some interesting thoughts.

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