Friday, 29 May 2009

Developer Dispatch: The Republic Trooper

BioWare's Friday update on Star Wars: The Old Republic is up and this week we get another video, the third "Developer Dispatch", about creating the Republic Trooper Class.

Here's the official news post:

From massive blaster rifles to state-of-the-art armor, creating the Republic Trooper took hard work and dedication from The Old Republic team. In the latest Developer Dispatch, we recount the making of this heroic defender of the Republic; from design to story, concept, and animation.

Go behind the scenes and watch the Developer Dispatch: The Republic Trooper now!

It's a nice movie, showing some details on the progression of their armor (as I understand it from light-armored rebel soldier look past storm trooper look to very heavily armored look, though it could be that those are just choices the player makes and not progression) as well some of the story choices the player will face (fight fire with fire or take the moral highroad). They tell us that the Republic Trooper is all about their gun and that they shouldn't be underestimated.

It looks like a fun class, but it still isn't for me. Just don't care much about such heavily-armored, weapon-oriented, combat-heavy, military-type classes. Even so, still a nice movie.

And on a different subject, next week is E3 and they've promised quite some information, which I'll do my best to post. Is likely going to be a fairly busy week next week. Should be fun.

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