Friday, 29 May 2009


Interesting find by someone on the forums, but Star Wars: The Old Republic is listed on IMDB (the Internet Movie Database).

Most interesting is that it lists a number of voice actors and the characters that they're playing in the game:
Adrienne Wilkinson ... Syreena / Gianna / Master Satele Shan (voice)
Courtenay Taylor ... Netula Pahn / Lady Aitalla / Kalda Biss / Casey Rix
Mark Moseley ... Various
Nan McNamara ... Various
Erik McDowell ... Jaxx / Bengel Morr / Jex (voice)
More info at the link above, though besides more of the crew (like who is the fight choreographer) not much information.

It does hint at a 2010 release date, but that doesn't really mean anything more than any store's projected release date (i.e. it's likely a complete guesstimate based on no more information than we already have).

Kind of curious that Lance Henriksen isn't listed, but then perhaps he just does the voice overs for the timeline and isn't in the actual game.

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