Friday, 22 May 2009

Threat of Peace, Issue #7

As one might guess from the title, this Friday gives us a fairly lukewarm update on Star Wars: The Old Republic. It consists of two parts; a "Fan Friday" update and the next issue of the comic.

The Fan Friday post I won't quote here, but contains a link to a "make-your-own-adventure" type story thread, a member showing how he drew a picture in MS Paint in several steps, and a link to a new official poll asking which events you intend to go to. Slightly more interesting perhaps is that they also added four new forum avatars for the Trooper class.

Then there's the next three-pages of the Threat of Peace webcomic. Here's the official text:

The seventh issue of Threat of Peace™ carries us to Korriban where Sith Lords Baras and Angral have returned from their respective endeavors. There is always discord among the Sith, and the tension between Baras and Angral promises to grow. Meanwhile, the Wookiee Dalborra and his captive, the Bounty Hunter Braden, are onboard an Imperial transport headed for the Sith homeworld.

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.
And I'm sorry to sound a bit negative, but the comic doesn't really do it for me either. The story feels all over the place. jumping left and right and up and down. It's hard enough following the story with gettign three pages every two weeks, but with multiple story threads being split out such that you only get one or two pages to a thread each time I'm honestly completely lost with where the story is going; it doesn't engage me in the least. If this is an example of how BioWare is giving us story with the MMO then that doesn't bode very well.

Anyway, they're probably just holding back information for E3 and I realize that they can't reveal a new class or such every week.

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