Monday, 25 May 2009

Big BioWare pre E3 show on Spike TV this Thursday

As reported by, BioWare has twittered that this Thursday they'll be showing some of their games on GameTrailers in a pre-E3 show:
Anyone who wants to see more on our games should check out Gametrailers on Spike TV, Thursday at 11pm. Will be a big pre E3 show - Matwood
Here one can assume that "our games" refers to Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Though I'm not expecting anything new until E3 proper, it should be at least interesting to check out. Will report when I've seen the show.

[EDIT] Just noticed that the twitter page itself only shows the Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age logos, and not the Star Wars: The Old Republic logo. So maybe they're just showing those two. I guess we'll see.

[EDIT 20090526] I just saw Spike TV's press release for this and it the list of shows it mentions Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, but no Star Wars: The Old Republic. So as far as the MMO goes this seems like it'll be a big, fat dud. Of course, it still has Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 (and bunch of other games I care nothing about).

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