Thursday, 27 May 2010

IGN Interviews BioWare on Companions

IGN has an interview with James Ohlen about the companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here's an excerpt:

IGNPC: How flexible are the companions' story arcs? Are they merely scripted to provide a solid context for the player's own moral choices or will the player have an opportunity to change a companion's goals and attitudes?

James Ohlen: Players can change his companion's attitudes and sometimes even his moral leaning. It is dependant on who the companion is and what kind of person the player is role-playing as. Some companions can be twisted to the darkside of the Force and others can be redeemed. Some companions can become stronger and more independent or be beaten down until they are subservient. This is done through a system that we are tentatively calling the Affection system. It's loosely based on the Dragon Age affection system and allows the player to change his companion's attitude through his actions, words and even through gifts.
Sounds good, even if Dragon Age's gift system wasn't its strongest aspect; it really only worked if you had a gift very specific to the character that they had a specific reply to (instead of just a "'ooh thanks' +reputation"). Here's hoping that they don't fill it up with a bunch of throw-away gifts to inch up the companion's affection.

Speaking of companions, here's one for your car:

Dom dom dom dom da dom...

[link] to interview with James Ohlen at IGN.

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