Friday, 28 May 2010

GameSpot's Sith Warrior Preview

GameSpot has a brief preview of the Sith Warrior class, including a short trailer-like video. The article talks a bit about the two advanced classes for the Sith Warrior (the Juggernaut and the Marauder) and reveals one of the companions for the Sith Warrior; the female "wisecracking pirate" twi'lek named Vette. Here's an excerpt from the article followed by the video:
While the Sith Warrior class seems like a pretty straightforward profession with only two steps to success (step one: ignite lightsaber, step two: commence the hurting), it turns out that this class will branch into two separate, advanced classes: the juggernaut and the marauder. Juggernauts will be heavy-duty frontline fighters equipped with Force powers that increase their resistance to damage and demoralize their foes, making them even easier targets. (In online game parlance, this makes the juggernaut a Sith "tank" class.) The marauder class, on the other hand, focuses on dual-wielding two lightsabers at once and excels in combat with multiple opponents. (In online game terms, this would make the marauder a "DPS," or "damage per second," class that focuses primarily on dealing as much damage as possible.)

As Massively has noticed there is a brief moment in the video where the Sith Warrior is seen riding a speeder. This seems like a strong indication of player vehicles, but before people get too excited it's also possible that it's a static animation (perhaps shown when traveling to another zone on the same planet).

As Sean Dahlberg has noted on the official forums (here and here) the other seven professions will get a similar trailer video as well.
Yes, we plan on having videos for each of the classes and no, the Republic ones won't be saved for the end.

Both the Allegiance and Class polls have shown things to be pretty even at this point. Granted, this is only a segment of the community but it's a good sampling.

We also plan on giving the Republic their moment to shine. I can't get into the exact reasons as to why some things are released before others (and there is a variety of reasons for different assets) but we also have a lot of "Republic" people on the team, too.

So, while the proof will be in the pudding (an expression, we're not actually giving out pudding. Sorry.), the Republic will definitely get their due. And Soon™.
Does that mean that today we get both the companion update and an official update on the Sith Warrior class? Maybe even have Vette added to a new section. I guess we'll see later today.

[link] to Sith Warrior article at GameSpot.
[link] to Sith Warrior trailer at GameSpot.
[link] to article at Massively.

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