Friday, 7 May 2010

Blood of the Empire, Issue #2

As noted earlier today's update is indeed another issue of the Blood of the Empire comic. Here is the official news:
The second issue of Blood of the Empire™ takes us to the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, as the young Sith Teneb Kel and his companion Maggot leave the war's front lines--only to find new tensions awaiting them at home. Meanwhile, a mysterious Force-user sets her plans in motion on a distant, crime-ridden world. Intrigue and danger abound as the story of Imperial powers continues!

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I'm no Star Wars lore expert, but I've got Wookieepedia and near as I can tell the Sith woman in the first few pages is a Zeltron.* Though I don't really believe that the comics are any direct indication of what will and won't be in the game, I do think that these near-humanoid species are probably the easiest to create, the least resource intensive. Just give them a red skin texture (or blue, or white, or whatever) and you're pretty much already there.

Anyway, it's a nice comic. If they keep this up, and don't switch too much between various characters and viewpoints, then this comic is easily better than the Threat of Peace one in my opinion.


* As one reader pointed out to me, I'm wrong. As Daniel Erickson notes she has blood of the Sith species running through her veins:
I can confirm. She is what the Empire refers to as "pureblood" which means there is enough Sith blood still running in the veins to make her red-skinned although she personally does not have enough to have any of the more shocking facial features.
I still feel that she looks more like a Zeltron than a Sith though, probably because those facial features are missing.

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