Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SW:TOR Media Update

A bit late perhaps, but last Friday BioWare posted a media update with a couple of new screenshots and wallpapers for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

[EDIT] Not sure why, but it seems that the previews on these aren't working.

[EDIT2] Found the problem with the previews and fixed it. Silly me, when replacing the width sizes of the original code to make it fit within the blog I also changed the names of the preview image urls. Oops.


Facing off with an Acklay



Harsh Elements

Defenses Prepared


Sith Chamber

The Treaty of Coruscant

Sith Tombs

Tython Forest

The images are quite nice, though I still think that the female model, particularly in the Avoidance shot, looks patently ridiculous. Perhaps it's in part due to the outfit, but she looks horribly anorexic. A number of the joints look patently weird. The hair and face look plastic. The way she holds her hands is downright odd (both how straight she holds the fingers of one and how she's not quite holding the weapon in the other). And I wouldn't want to be the one who provides the fabric for her bustier as it's absolutely massive.

In short, despite the improvements to the lightsaber sizes, I still think that the art direction and, in particular, the character models are a huge disappointment. I'm not looking for realistic graphics, but I'm at least looking for something that looks decent and which has decent proportions (Star Trek Online seems to manage the 'stylized' look a lot better from what I've seen so far).

Ah well, sorry for the mini-rant there.

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