Thursday, 15 January 2009

PC Game Piracy Examined

Seems today is a day for updates that have little to do with SW: TOR. Though this is a little related considering that I noticed the following article first on the SW: TOR forums.

Someone there posted a long and quite in-depth article looking at the issue of PC game piracy, trying to keep as neutral a stance as possible and trying to look at the issue from all angles. It's quite a long read, but if you're in any way interested in the issue of piracy and how it affects PC Gaming then I would suggest that you read it in its entirety.

Here's how the article itself puts it and I quite agree:
I decided it was time to compile an article which takes a close look at every facet of PC game piracy with a view to hopefully clarifying the debate with a range of facts. I'm not looking to repeat the same old one-sided, superficial examinations of PC piracy that you'll find everywhere else. What this article does is examine PC game piracy in a logical manner, taking into consideration a range of publicly available evidence to provide an informed view of the current state of play. I encourage those of you who are genuinely interested in this topic to take the time to make your way through this rather long but thorough article, as I believe it provides a great deal of food for thought for those willing to read it.
I think that a lot in the article is fairly common sense, but with the general panic and hate around DRM solutions and the state of PC gaming in general I think common sense is exactly what's needed. And there's a fair amount of data and linked articles and such to back up the findings.

PC Game Piracy Examined

I highly recommend reading it.

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