Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Space Combat Trailer

A short update; EA's GamesCom press conference is currently underway (watchable live here). Ray Muzyka just took the stage and, next to announcing Mass Effect 2 for PS3 (no word yet on ME1 or ME3) and showing a cinematic trailer for Dragon Age 2 they announced a Space Combat trailer for The Old Republic. The trailer is fairly short (about a minute long) and shows some brief space combat gameplay.

Check out the trailer for yourself here.

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Cody Bye said...

Hi Ayane - I want to contact you about your blogs and doing some other work on SWTOR fansites. I've tried to add you via MSN, but I assume you don't often accept stranger onto your list. :)

Anyway, ping me at cbye@zam.com if you can. Talk to you soon.