Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Smuggler's Run

Yesterday IGN put up a short preview article, talking about some smuggler gameplay as well as (briefly) about player ships, Warzones and armor customization. Here's an excerpt:
Of course, it would be pretty boring to have an entire galaxy packed with a handful of similar ships. To combat this, BioWare has created a robust customization package so that you can fully trick out your ship with premade gear sets or your own hand-picked items. Though BioWare isn't showing off the ships in action just yet, they assure us that there will be thousands of different variations so that each person can feel as if they have a unique vessel.

That same level of customization is also given to your character in the form of various PvP gear. Though you start out pretty basic in terms of gear, by completing PvP challenges (which BioWare isn't discussing yet), you earn new goods. Some of this stuff is cosmetic, some is highly functional and all of it seems to change based on class and race. In the example BioWare showed off, one bad ass ended up with a jetpack and devilish armor that made him look like Boba Fett spawned from Hell. In other words, you can build up your character to look more awesome than anything the Star Wars universe has seen before.
Though I'm not sure where the writer gets off saying what the 'correct' way to play an MMO is, the things described in it sound pretty good.

There's a few more articles as well, but most of them just list the new trailer (so I'll refrain from listing all of them). Though there's two that very briefly talk about yesterday's press conference, one over at MMORPG and one over at Massively. Though they're basically just saying what was said during the press conference yesterday.

I'll keep you updated on whatever else comes out of E3.

[link] to "A Smuggler's Run" article at IGN.
[link] to press conference article at MMORPG.
[link] to press conference article at Massively.

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