Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lots of stuff from E3

Bah, what a time for my telephone line to die. And no telephone line means no Internet for me (couldn't get cable where I live), having to do the updates from work instead. And with work being busy too...

Anyway, E3 2010 is in full swing and a number of sites took the opportunity to take a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic and then post an article for us to read. And besides that there's a bunch of new videos as well, showing the game in action.

But I'll start with yesterday's official update: Player Ships. Yesterday I already posted the ship interiors video, but it's up on the official site as well now. Here's the news:

Player Ships

Yes, it's the announcement you've been waiting for: There are starships in the Old Republic and everybody gets one. Smuggler ships, Trooper ships, Imperial Agent ships, Bounty Hunter ships, Jedi ships and Sith ships. They're all in The Old Republic and they're all awesome.

Ships represent freedom and a place to call your own. They're your base of operations and a handy retreat. A place to relax and talk to your Companion Characters, socialize with other players or to plan your next adventure. Check out Player Ships in The Old Republic to see the Jedi Corellian Vanguard-Class light corvette and Sith Fury-Class Imperial Transport.

Sounds good to me. I doubt that we'll have free flying, certainly not at launch, and it'll probably work almost exactly like the Ebon Hawk from the KotOR games.

And then there's today's update on armor progression from the same post:

Armor Progression

We know that character progression in a key element of MMOs and part of making a player feel heroic is making them look heroic. Every class has a wide variety of armor and equipment available to them that can be worn in various combinations. We have talked about customization in The Old Republic, but we haven’t really shown what it might look like.

Here you can see a short video that showcases just a few of the thousands of sets of armor and equipment available to you as a Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter’s abilities and equipment increase as the video progresses, showing you how you might look at various stages in your character’s career in The Old Republic.

BioWare also put up the videos for the G4 live coverage from Tuesday.

Next up we've got Darth Hater, who have a whole bunch of informative posts:
Yeah, I know it's rather cheap just linking to their articles, but I hope you understand. At least let me embed their video interview:

Then there's a bunch of articles from various game sites. Again I'm not going to handle all of them in detail, but let me link you to them at least:
And finally there's a couple of gameplay videos over on Gametrailers:

And on a completely unrelated note... Yay, they announced my game! :)

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