Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ships, Groups and more

If you've seen the latest update to BioWare's "The Old Republic @ E3 2010" post then you'll have noticed the following:

The Old Republic Live on G4!

Make sure to check out G4’s half-hour blowout on Star Wars: The Old Republic starting at 2pm PT! Adam Sessler, X-Play host and G4’s Editor-In-Chief of Games, plans to deliver a 30-minute all-access coverage of The Old Republic including live game-play.

Never before have we granted so much time to one game at E3,” said Adam Sessler. “Star Wars: Old Republic is a game of such breadth that the excitement around it and the time we are dedicating to it will have a huge pay-off for the viewers.

Want to see what the press are seeing? Then don’t miss a minute of it!
Unfortunately I did miss most of it, for a large part because I don't live in the US and thus don't get G4TV. I spend a while looking for a live feed on the site, but found none. Luckily a friend pointed me to a Justin.tv feed where it seemed that half of those 30 minutes consisted of commercials. And being distracted, and the quality of the stream fairly low, I still missed most of it.

Ah well, hopefully G4 will put the video up on their site in the coming day or so.

Luckily it's not a complete loss since it seems that Massively had a sitdown at a BioWare presentation where they talked about including player ships, group play, PvP, crafting and customization. It's not a terribly long article, but here's an excerpt:

Borrowing ideas from other well-established titles, Bioware went on to discuss the game's crafting and PvP systems. Crafting will be "unique but WoW-like", though no specific details have yet been published on it. For PvP, the game will feature some large open PvP areas in addition to instanced warzones. These are intended to act like World of Warcraft's battlegrounds, pitting teams against each other in instanced matches. Transitioning from the game world into an instance is smooth, with absolutely no load time. If it weren't for the glowing green area, you might not even realise you'd entered an instance.
Bit the pièce de résistance is a video showing the ship interiors for two of the player ships: the Corellian Vanguard light corvette for the Republic and the Fury Class Imperial transport.

Oh, and finally GameSpot has the section on The Old Republic from yesterday's EA press conference. This includes the trailer (which you've probably seen by now), but it's preceded by Greg Zeschuk and Mary Bihr briefly talking about the game. Might be interesting if you've missed the press conference and don't want to search through 90 minutes of footage just for this bit.

I'm sure that there'll be more details in the coming days.

[link] to ships and group play article at Massively.
[link] to ships interior video at YouTube.
[link] to The Old Republic EA press conference at GameSpot.

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