Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rumor: Hidden Launch Website

No post for over a week and then suddenly three in a few hours; go figure.

Darth Hater are reporting that industrious forum goers have uncovered an swtor subsite. Here's their news:
Two ingenious forum goers by the names of Ianril and Zechio discovered a little IP that then became Originally Ianril discovered an IP address that appeared to come from EA after doing a ARIN search. After a couple minutes of investigating Zechio found that the security certificate referenced as an address.

At this point the community is trying to figure out what this all means. A few members of the community reported seeing this after logging in:

This along with the quotes from the interviews with the dev team, here at Darth Hater, seem to suggest that testing might be starting.


BakaMatt said...

And now there's the five-day countdown timer on BioWare's official site, ME2, and Dragon Age portals.

Likely not Old Republic related, since it doesn't show up on that page, but as long as we're looking at rumors...

Ayane said...

Yes, I decided not to report on the timer here because I seriously doubt that it'll have anything to do with SWTOR. And, to be honest, I kind of detest these "announcements of announcements". (Unless they do it brilliantly like Valve did with Portal 2).

Not that I'm not curious what it is, and I did report it on my other site (more focused towards non-MMO roleplaying games). But I doubt it's relevant to SWTOR.