Friday, 5 March 2010

BioWare Blog: Finding Balance in the Force

Today's Friday update sees us another BioWare blog entry, this one written by Joanna Berry and centered around the Jedi Consular. Here's an excerpt:
As a Jedi Consular, your journey begins among the ruins and forests of Tython, still full of dangers and secrets after so many centuries. But the business of the Jedi Order is never confined to one world. You may find yourself inching through ancient ruins seeking proof of lost cultures, discovering and mastering forgotten Force techniques, planning an assault on an enemy base with Republic armies waiting on your unique insights, or even representing your order to a strange alien culture, whose first question is: “What’s a Jedi?”

And as your knowledge and experience grows, so does your reputation. The Jedi Council will entrust you with its most dangerous and delicate missions. Among the Sith, there will be whispers in the highest circles of a powerful new enemy. Maybe you’ll even get the chance to teach a new generation of Jedi, just as your master taught you.
Though I still would've preferred some Republic Senator class or such, I think I'm coming to terms with BioWare's class choices (don't have much choice; can't change it anyway). And as such I thing that at the moment I find the Consular probably the most interesting class. With the Empire Sith classes not really seeming to offer the Light Side path I was hoping for, I'll probably just revert to playing a Jedi and the mysticism and spiritualism the Consular class (potentially) offer definitely appeals to me.

Though I do expect that it'll all just be a pretext for using your powers to kill enemies. Pity.

Anyway, it's a nice article; always enjoy reading these BioWare blog entires.

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