Friday, 30 October 2009

Jedi Knight Q&A at GameSpot

Hot on the tail of the Jedi Knight class reveal comes GameSpot with a Q&A about the class, much like they had for previous classes. In it GameSpot asks BioWare's director of production Dallas Dickinson and senior game designer William Wallace a couple of questions about the class. Here's an excerpt:
GameSpot: We're pleased to be able to reveal the early details on the Jedi knight profession. This is obviously an iconic character class represented by some of the most famous characters in Star Wars fiction. Give us an overview of this profession.

Dallas Dickinson: The Jedi knight is based very much on [Samuel L. Jackson's] Mace Windu archetype [from the Phantom Menace motion picture]. He is a powerful, force-wielding warrior who will be called on to protect the galaxy from a great evil. Players should expect to be involved in a bit of intrigue but mostly to be focused on hunting down and combating the Sith and their representatives throughout the galaxy.
I must say that a lot of the description sounds eerily much like the Sith Warrior description; quick into melee, dominating with melee powers, advertising dual wielding for the class. Not entirely unexpected, since it only makes sense for this kind of class mirroring (and hopefully that will put any doubts about mirroring to rest, though I doubt it). And we always knew that the Jedi were going to be combat heavy, but I can't help but be very disappointed by the description I see in the Q&A.

I guess I was just hoping for somethign more... spiritual.

Ah well, three more classes to go. There's still some hope that there will be a class that actually sounds fun to me.

[link] to Jedi Knight Q&A at GameSpot.

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