Friday, 16 October 2009

The Battle for Balmorra!

BioWare has revealed another planet, namely the war-torn world of Balmorra. Here is the official news:

Due to escalating tensions on the devastated, war-torn world of Balmorra, both the Sith Empire, and the Galactic Republic are looking for new recruits to ship out! Be sure to get caught up on the newest playable planet in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ universe! Find out more about the story and struggle of this manufacturing world famous for its battle-droids and weapons.

Access the HoloNet entry to read the story behind Balmorra’s escalating tensions, as Republic-sponsored Balmorran Resistance forces strive to keep the planet’s resources out of Imperial hands. Don’t forget to visit the Media page to see Balmorra brought to life in stunning screenshots, concepts, and wallpapers!
Ooh, it seems that BioWare is now putting the full url in their html (so that when I copy-paste their html source for the quote above I don't have to manually edit all the urls). Thanks BioWare. :)

Anyway, that doesn't make any difference to you I'm sure, so back to Balmorra.

As the news post states they've also got a couple of new images for us. Allow me to list them here for you.



Concept Art




There you go. Looks like a planet that's just made for PvP; it should be noted that this is the first planet that links to both the Sith Empire and The Republic at the bottom. Every other planet was either one or the other (and Nal Hutta had neither listed).

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