Friday, 13 February 2009

Explore Nal Hutta - Planet of the Hutts

Another Friday, another Star Wars: The Old Republic update. This time we get a peek at the Hutt Homeworld of Nal Hutta. It includes new screenshots, new concept art and a description of the planet.

Here's the news text from BioWare's site:
We’re thrilled to announce the next playable planet in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, the Hutt homeworld known in The Old Republic timeframe as Hutta. Nowhere in Star Wars™ lore has Hutta been so richly realized, and players will be able to explore the first true interactive realization of the “Glorious Jewel”.

Read more about Hutta and its rich history including the long standing tension between the rebellious Evocii natives and the greedy, power-hungry Hutt Empire.

View the concepts of Hutta’s harsh, polluted environments and see how the development team brought Hutta to life in these screenshots.

Stay tuned to the Star Wars: The Old Republic website for the latest information.
The description article is quite short, concluding with this paragraph:
The Hutts are the lords of Hutta’s demented society, and all other races, even official foreign emissaries, are seen as expendable fodder in the Hutts’ bloated, wormlike eyes. Even the most infamous bounty hunters are hesitant to venture on the Hutts’ home-turf, and no sane person would ever come to Hutta willingly without the most crucial need.
Sounds like a high-level world to me. Though not really a place I'd want to visit regardless of what level it is (I never liked the Hutts, though that's probably the point).

Concept Art


Once a lush environment

Marshes of Hutta

Noxious Swamp


Hutt Palace

A Hutt

Drainage Pipes

Cantina of the Hutt Palace


And that's all for now. Enjoy. :)

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