Monday, 15 December 2008

SW:TOR HeroEngine Interview

TenTonHammer has an interview up with Simutronic's Neil Harris. Simutronic is the company that created HeroEngine, which is being used by BioWare to create Star Wars: The Old Republic.

It's a decent interview and sheds a little more light on why BioWare chose HeroEngine for their game. It doesn't really give any further details about the game, but it does hint at the possibility of live updating of the game and streaming content (I'd imagine in many ways like how Guild Wars streams its content).

Anyway, here's a snippet:
There were a couple of reasons why they decided to go with our engine. First, we've known Gordon Walton a long time and has worked around us for quite a while. He's been around the online games industry since the 90s, as have we. At the time, they also had two employees that were former employees of ours and we had a unique way to build games that is core to the functionality of the HeroEngine and those guys got it right away and wanted to have access to that kind of methodology. We showed the engine to them - just as friends - at a show, and they said, "Hey, we want that too." That's really how we ended up working with them.
It's nice to hear that things have been going so well for Simutronic and that BioWare seems to be at the forefront of that success.

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