Friday, 5 December 2008

Article at Edge-Online

Edge-Online has an article up about Star Wars: The Old Republic entitled: Inside The Old Republic

There isn't really much there. At least not anything we didn't already know from previous articles. Though it does say that there will be eight classes, which is the first time I've heard that. Of course, could just be game-journalistic eye-to-detail (as in, they've pretty much just made it up or misunderstood something), or it could be that BioWare mentioned some plan for eight classes to them and they reported it as if it was common knowledge already. Either way...

Here's a snippet:
Each of the eight classes also has its own distinct narrative. “If you start our game as a Jedi knight, play from the start to the finish, then you play as a Sith from the start to the finish, you will not see one repeated bit of content. Not one quest, not one line, nothing,” says Erickson. Nothing at all? “OK, well, you might see different sides of the same conflict, but this is Star Wars – ‘Wars’, you know?”
I'm really starting to dislike the emphasis they keep putting on the "Wars" in "Star Wars", because combat doesn't interest me one bit. Ah well.

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