Thursday, 30 October 2008

New Title Image

Last night I spent a few hours creating a new title image, as you can see at the top of the page.

Ok, so most of it is just BioWare’s logo for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I managed to find a high-resolution version of the image at VideoGaming247 and used that. Then I downloaded a Star Wars font from and added the “Moon Over Endor” text.

I spent quite some time trying to get the text right. First in selecting the right characters (you’ll note that the two “R”s are different for example) and then trying to get the spacing right. I added a bevel similar to what the “Star Wars” text at the top has and then used masks and custom-made gradient fills to get the colors (though for the bevel I used an existing gradient in PSP). And finally a similar kind of brown smear behind the text. Though it doesn’t look exactly like the Star Wars text, it’s fairly close and I think it looks nice.

As I added the title image to the blog I also updated the background of the blog by using a starfield image I made a few weeks ago (combination of noise filters and brightness/contrast manipulation for the stars and some cloud filters for the nebula). The image was designed to show behind text, hence the stars aren’t too bright. Even so, I also added a partly transparent background behind the post text to set it apart a bit more.

If the background behind the text looks funky (like pure white I think it is) then you’re using a web browser that doesn’t support transparent png image files (i.e. an older version of Internet Explorer). If so I strongly suggest getting Firefox which is free and in almost every way superior to Internet explorer (IMHO).

Anyway, there you go. New title image. I hope you like it.

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