Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Halloween Lightsaber Humor

When Diablo 3 was first announced, fans complained that the screenshots were too colourful and that Diablo was supposed to be a dark and gritty world. Blizzard clearly could see the humour in it when during their last BlizzCon they revealed Diablo 3’s new logo.

In similar fashion when BioWare announced The Old Republic the fans have been complaining that they don’t like the art direction and that the lightsabers were way too large (something which, based on the screenshots, I tend to agree with).

Luckily it seems that BioWare can see the humour in this as evident by their Halloween costumes:

Whether you agree with the complaints about the art or not, it’s good to see developers taking it this well. After working on a game for years and pouring your heart and soul into it any criticism can be a hard blow. So it’s always good to see that developers can take it well.

With thanks to Kotaku for the original story.

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