Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Game Update 1.2 Trailer

Yesterday BioWare released a trailer for the 1.2 Game Update to various news sites across the net. Here is a version from YouTube:

Next to the new Flashpoint, Warzone and Operation it shows some of the Legacy system, UI customization, appearance customization, mission tracker usability (very cool; keeps you from having to dig into your inventory for the mission tab and can just use the mission items straight from the tracker), mini pets, guild banks, and more. Overall it looks quite nice for a very hefty content update. I suspect that the video will be up on the swtor site later this week.

Read on after the break for a Facebook Q&A with Damion Schubert.

Yesterday Damion Schubert also held a Q&A on Facebook. Here are some of the questions and answers:

Luca Rio

How big are the expectations for patch 1.2? I mean, as a team, how much are you looking forward to it and how strong do you think it will affect the current gameplay?


That's a tough question to answer - the game was pretty strong before 1.2 came out.  That being said, this game update is an incredibly large and ambitious update, and has some definite key improvements to the game experience.  I think that in particular Legacy will offer an all-new dynamic for people to play around with, no matter what their play style is.

Lee Mathe

Will we be able to crit craft exisiting orange schematics already in the game?


Our lead crafting designer says:  Yes!  All craftable orange (custom) gear can be crit crafted.

Oren Shed

 I am not thrilled about creating multiple characters and like to stick to just one, as well as a lot of the other population in the game in sure. With the legacy system, would someone like me be losing out a lot of new skills/abilities now since I dont want to create other toons?


We are very sensitive to this, and want to be sure that we don't undermine your playstyle.  In particular, we want to be sure that the amount of alt-playing you have to do in order to take part in other activities you might like (warzones, operations) is limited at most.  This is why the unlockable 'Heroic Moment' abilities are limited in their usage, and why players can unlock some of the key buffs in the tree with credits instead of alt-playing.  Also, as is possible now, players can gain legacy levels and experience even when their normal level is at cap.  Yeah, you'll miss out on some cool toys, but for the most part, there will be ways for you to get everything that you need to get.

Nothing really spectacular in there, but might be a few things to quell some fears people might have.

And that's it for now.

[link] to Game Update 1.2 Trailer at YouTube.
[link] to Q&A with Damion Schubert at Facebook.

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Sean Taylor said...

cant wait for update 1.2! will seriously improve the game and hopefully improve server population!

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